The Tech Kids is a computer science class incepted in 2013 that is on offer to participants of the PAY Namibia program. In light of the urgent need to pay special attention to girls in the STEM fields, the CS class is aimed solely at girls for the time-being with plans for expansion in the future.

We employ a flexible curriculum using online education platforms and content from  :

  • Tynker
  • Khan Academy
  • Scratch
  • MIT App Inventor
  • CS Unplugged

We are currently gathering M&E data using the analytics from online platforms and tracking the students in class. We are currently expanding on our research with our sights set on a national Computer Science curriculum.


In August 2014, 8 pupils were awarded with the ’20 hour Intro to Computer Science’ certificates and are pursuing coding further currently with Khan Academy and Tynker. They were also featured on Tynker’s blog, a platform that has over 10 million active students and The Economist.

In 2015 the goal will be for the students to develop usable Android apps.

Call for Stakeholders/Volunteers:
This program is designed and implemented by The Tech Guys in cooperation with PAY Namibia and currently is staffed by 2 volunteers.

There is a serious need for software engineers/IT personnel in the private and academic sectors to join us and become active stakeholders in this important endeavour.

We are also strongly appealing for female volunteers as this is currently an all-girl class and we feel the connection the girls can build to the computer sciences as a career can be enhanced with positive role models present.

We require:

  • Teaching Volunteers
  • Computers/Tablets/Mobiles
  • Funds

Please email us at [email protected] with the subject line  ‘Stakeholder’ and let us know how you could help!

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