Rasperry Pi is a credit card sized computer that runs on Debian developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the UK. It It sports

  • a Broadcom SoC (System on a Chip) that provides for CPU, GPU, SDRAM and USB
  • a 700Mhz ARM11 CPU
  • a Broadcom 250Mhz GPU with 1080p HD output capability
  • Audio&Video in/out (HDMI, RCA, 3.5mm and more)

It draws 5V of power through USB and it all comes in at a tiny 45g in weight. USB connectivity allows for the addition of networking capabilities. The whole thing will only cost you 25USD (around 244NAD), with a slightly more beefed up model priced at 35USD. Already there has been a flurry of software development for the Raspberry Pi, including everything from web servers to games. The amounts of OS’s available for the Pi are growing rapidly, you can even run certain versions of Android on it. Even big companies like Google are throwing their weight behind it going as far as to create a whole set of API’s  for Raspberry Pi.

Raspberry Pi

It’s size and mobility have made it a versatile tools in en endless stream of scenarios from animal tracking to music synthesizer development.This new pocket sized computer has many possible potential uses in Africa, from livestock tracking/commerce to security systems. Its widespread adoption in Africa will create massive amounts of value.

For more info see: www.raspberrypi.org/

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