An online bitcoin wallet is probably the most feasible way to get started with bitcoin. Treat your bitcoin wallet details the way you would treat your personal online banking information. Keep it secure! As with any online entity, 100% security is never guaranteed one has to be vigilant but listed here are the most trusted and secure online wallet services with a proven track record. Follow the 3 steps below to create a bitcoin wallet online.

bitcoin wallet web

If you would like to create an offline bitcoin wallet then click here and follow the instructions.


Go to either of these sites to create you wallet and get your address. Make sure to follow security protocol on the sites and keep your info safe!




These online wallet services may have extra features like POS, gift cards and international banking capabilities. If you would like to see a full list of wallet providers head over here.


Get some FREE bitcoins! Head over to VirtualFaucet or FaucetBTC to get some free bitcoins every once in a while if you would like to immediately check how the payments work. Simply enter your address and they’ll send you some bitcoin. If you would like to see more free faucets head over here.


Read Up! Head to WeuseCoins to get some of your basic questions answered about bitcoin. Their ‘Getting Started‘ and ‘Question and Answers‘ sections provide good starting points in understanding how bitcoin works.

You are now part of the future! For further Tech Guys insight go here.

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