Respawning! Console quality gaming for web?

Web gaming is about to get a makeover. The folks over at Mozilla recently came up with asm.js, a subset of the javascript computing language, which allows for compilation of programs on ANY platform at near native compile speeds. In other words this means blazing-fast-rich-big-data web applications on ANY relevant platform or device that has a decent browser and internet connection.

For a more hands on description of what I mean head over to MonsterMadness Online a game developed by Trendy Ent using the Unreal Engine which works on, well…as I said anything purchased in the last five years that has a decent browser on it and a half decent (512kbps for a slightly choppy but playable experience) internet connection. You don’t need to install any plugins or sign up to anything, just a short download for some game assets and you’re good to go! I’ve tested it myself on a couple of devices and an hour later after getting some killstreaks, it’s a pretty damn good gaming experience.

I was expecting a browser MMO loading fest where half an hour is spent clicking on plugin installs and additional file download confirmations but I was up and running in five minutes on first run and around a minute and a half after the initial asset download had it been done as the files are stored in the browser cache. Response time is decent and the Unreal engine renders everything quite nicely for a game that I’m running from my browser. The game has been tested on Android, PC, Mac, iOS, Linux and Steam. An impressive list for a cross platform gaming experience to say the least.

If this is the first attempt of what is possible with asm.js, then we better get prepared to have our minds blown by internet browser games and data rich feature web applications in the next coming months and years. The potential for this kind of technology is huge. As we figure out how to get more of Africa connected, this technology could become a game-changer with many possible applications such as education, medicine and project management. Imagine, doctors being able to consult through a browser, real time fully interactive digital classrooms or disaster management platforms that can operate in real time on a multitude of devices….whoa.



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